GlobalSat is an independent, 100% Australian owned family business specialising in satellite communications. We’re focused on providing remote communication solutions without limits for those who work, travel and live in remote regions of Australia and around the world – where location simply does not matter.

In our 23 years of business, we’ve remained service focused and passionate towards satellite solutions that go beyond geographical limitations, keeping you safe and connected everywhere… 

GlobalSat has a standing reputation for providing creative and innovative satellite phone & data solutions which we’ve deployed for government, corporate, mining, exploration, marine, overland, leisure and adventure travel industries. We combine next generation technology with a niche range of products and services to solve your remote communication needs, providing opportunity for better safety and connectivity for all.

Our dedicated team enjoy outdoor lifestyles and have a passion for remote overland travel, where self reliance is key. We know from years of experience, whether it’s a vehicle breakdown or a medical emergency, a satellite phone is the only true form of two way voice communication allowing you to seek advice and guidance to solve problems, taking action when it matters most! 

We’re committed to your safety and wellbeing! First and foremost, this is the reason why we’re here!

For years, satellite phone awareness has been overlooked and the devices have also been costly and difficult to acquire. GlobalSat is challenging the status quo by raising awareness, reducing costs and making satellite phone hire simple and risk free. We believe that everyone deserves easy access to satellite communications at a reasonable price and our “ADVENTURE ESSENTIALS” Satellite Phone Rental Kit is all that in a nutshell – a low cost, Iridium satellite phone allowing voice calls and text from anywhere in the country. We also offer range of tailored satellite phone rental kits for more specific applications. If you need at satellite phone with GPS capabilities for a lone worker then our Iridium 9575 Extreme rental option is perfect. We also cater for business owners who need to stay in touch while in remote areas with our Iridium GO! hire option. A smart satellite device that pairs with your smartphone! 

Need an Inmarsat IsatPhone solution or looking to top up your prepaid airtime? No problem!

Whether it’s remote exploration work in the Pilbara, an overland trip to Cape York or trekking through the Simpson Desert on an adventure bike, we have a satellite phone option for you!