GlobalSat is proud to be the Queensland distributor of the renowned Alu-Cab product range, direct from Africa and BUILT TOUGH! Alu-Cab is the original and the best with years of experience in designing and building the world’s best overlanding, touring and expedition equipment.  The product range includes:

  • The infamous 270 degree 4×4 awning known as the Alu-Cab 270 Shadow Awning including the additional Side Wall Kit for added privacy.
  • The best in class hard shell aluminium roof top tent, our Alu-Cab GEN 3 Expedition Tent.
  • The world renowned Hercules & Icarus roof conversions for Landcruiser Troopy and Landrover Defender 110.
  • The ultimate 4 sleeper camper, the fully self-sufficient Ossewa aluminium camper.
  • The original and toughest aluminium canopy on the market, the Alu-Cab Explorer Canopy.
  • The full range of popular accessories such as Aluminium Drawers, aluminium Drop Down Fridge Slides, Roof Bars, aluminium Tables and more!



Alu-Cab 270 Degree Shadow Awning


Alu-Cab 270 Degree Shadow Awning

Easy to set it up, hard to break it down, the Shadow Awn is the strongest awning on the market. As with all of our Alu-Cab products, our 270 degree Shadow Awn, is BUILT TOUGH! Not only is it designed tough enough for Africa, but it is specifically designed to stand strong against Cape Town’s harshest winds and weather conditions. The feature that makes this product even better is the ease with which it is opened and closed. Another of its best features, which makes the Shadow Awn stand out amongst its competitors, is that the awning does not require any legs to support it. This feature saves both time and effort. As is true of all Alu-Cab products, the Shadow Awn is specifically designed to make your camping experience as comfortable and as effortless as possible.

  • The awning pivots from one central point and covers both the passenger side and rear end of the vehicle.
  • The pivoting end of the awning is built from 4,5mm 304 stainless steel.
  • The Shadow Awn needs to be mounted to either a strong roof rack or load bars. We offer a universal bracket that assists with the mounting of this awning. We also offer mounts for certain other racks available on the market.
  • The awning is built from aluminium. The strength of our awning comes from the fact that we use a tapered box method. This allows us to offer extra strength without additional weight.
  • The cloth used for the Shadow Awn is another of its special features. We use a product called Tencate, which we import from Germany. The material has an aluminised acrylic coating which is not only 100% waterproof, but also reflects far more of the sun’s rays as compared with conventional canvasses. This makes a noticeable difference as it maintains a temperature below the awning of at least 4 to 5 degrees below that of canvas.
  • Once the awning is set up it creates approximately 10 square meters of shelter.
  • There is a single drop down leg that can be used should the weather conditions get particularly bad. At the end of every arm there is a strap inserted to assist with tying the awning down. These are precautionary measures in case of stormy conditions.
  • All awnings come equipped with a peg bag and pegs supplied for the arm straps.
  • The Shadow Awn is supplied LHS as standard, RHS available on special request.
  • Closed length of unit: 2600mm

Estimated weight: 24kgs

Additional information

Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 2650 x 250 x 250 cm