In this technology driven, ever changing world, the role of connectivity is reshaping every aspect of our lives. Think about it… we are now connected to everyone and everything! Our smart, mobile devices have become our most common companions and keeping them connected is a top priority. The reliance on mobile data is that much that when the signal is weak and data slows down, frustration sets in. If you’re sick and tired of experiencing bad mobile phone reception in your house, at your business or whilst on the road in your 4wd or motorhome, we have the answer for you!


Overcoming these challenges can be simple with Cel-Fi and we’ve been amazed at the success. It’s rare that a product can be so diverse in application and powerful in performance – honestly, it’s changing lives and industry around the country!

The Cel-Fi GO is made by US company Nextivity and it’s a smart signal repeater system that acts as a booster, collecting a very weak 3G or 4G cellular signal via an external antenna. The weak signal collected by the antenna is then amplified by the Cel-Fi to provide up to 100dB of signal gain. The boosted signal is then radiated out to any cellular device within range. From smartphones to wireless cellular broadband modems, Cel-Fi handles multiple 3G or 4G devices, all of which grab the boosted signal automatically! There’s no pairing required, no ongoing fees, and no licencing, Cel-Fi is 100% legal and ACMA approved. 

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Whether you’re looking for improved connectivity in your home, office, shed or vehicle we have a Cel-Fi solution that can be tailored to your needs. Not only will the device improve voice quality but increase data speed and bandwidth. Many of our customers who live or work just outside of coverage areas have gone from having patchy, unreliable 3G/4G signal to now having full 4G coverage and +50Mbps speed – an amazing result.

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We offer professional installations of Cel-Fi products for your fixed site or vehicle.