The D.I.Y no frills version of the Cleanwaste GO anywhere Toilet Kit. No toilet paper, no disposal bag, no hand wipe included. The Cleanwaste Toilet in a Bag provides an easy ‘way to go’ when bathroom facilities are unavailable, unsafe or unsanitary.

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Each Cleanwaste Toilet in a Bag pack contains 15 toilet bags (with handles), 15 treatments of Poo Powder waste treatment and 1 scoop. Poo Powder gels and solidifies liquid waste to a solid. Poo Powder encapsulates solid waste (once activated by a liquid), controls odour and contains a decay catalyst to break down solid waste. Used with portable toilets, buckets or by itself. Perfect for emergency kits and backpacks.

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Additional information

Weight 0.590 kg
Dimensions 5 × 22.9 × 14 cm