A range of smart, all-in-one energy storage and distribution systems for leisure markets, homes and small to medium size businesses.


Thanks to the innovative hybrid inverters and patented Lead Crystal® battery technology, you are now able to determine when and how much of your self-generated solar or wind power you want to store and when to use it. You can choose from grid-tied with back-up, completely off grid, load shaving, grid stabilisation or blackout prevention on the UPS setting (uninterrupted power supply) or a combination of functions depending on how you require the power.


Get more out of your solar energy systems

How incredible would it be to use your own generated solar or wind power whenever you want. Or sell what you don’t use. With only the touch of a button.Due to the special Lead Crystal® batteries, you are now able to store solar, wind or grid energy fast and safely. You can use the storage energy day or night, to run all your electric devices like TV, coffee machine, dish washer, laptop and lighting in your house. You will become less grid dependent, saving significantly on energy costs, and contribute to a greener planet.


During full sunny days, Hybrid will automatically power the house and simultaneously charge the batteries. If the solar panels generate more power than the load can use and/or that can be charged to the batteries, the excess power will be sold to the power grid. When full sun is not or partly available, Hybrid distributes its energy to power the load first and send all additional power to the charge batteries.

When the batteries are fully charged, and the load is sufficiently powered, any additional power will be sold to the grid. If the solar panels can’t generate sufficient energy to power the load or charge the batteries, the grid will be engaged to power the load during off-peak times and all the power from the panels will be used to charge the batteries for use during on-peak times.


At night, when no solar power is being generated, the battery bank will power the load during peak times. If the house uses more power than the battery bank can supply to power the load for the entire night, the grid will be engaged for load support. If Hybrid determines that it would not be able to power the load from the batteries the next morning, the grid will be used at late night (off-peak time) to charge the battery bank to ensure the system can support the load during peak morning use.


Hybrid is a multi-functional energy system which allows you to become as grid independent as you want. If your home is already fitted with solar panels (PV) or a (urban) windturbine, just connect the Hybrid to your system and you will be able to store the surplus energy into the custom designed batteries.

If you are considering to start using green power resources to generate your own energy, or you just want to use Hybrid as an electricity back-up system (UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply), you will find that Hybrid can do it both.



Available Hybrid range

Hybrid is available in four different categories (storage ranging from 2,4 kWh to 260 kWh).

Hybrid Leisure

Single phase system for recreational vehicles, small remote (holiday) houses, boats, etc.

Dimensions: 85x60x35cm

Hybrid Home

Single phase system for residential use.

Dimensions: 140x60x35cm

Hybrid Tower

Single or three phase system for large residents and small businesses.

Dimensions: 155x70x65cm

Hybrid Wall

Three phase system with modular energy storage capability, up to 260 kWh possible