The perfect replacement battery for the failed or tired deep cycle battery in your 4×4, caravan, camper trailer, motorhome, golf buggy, boat, off-grid system or communications equipment. Lead Crystal Batteries come in many different shapes and sizes from the common 80Ah, 100Ah & 120Ah deep cycle equivalent to the long and skinny slimline range and can be charged at a much higher rate than any other battery due to their low internal resistance. Installing a new auxiliary battery system or simply replacing your tired or failed deep cycle battery with Lead Crystal will guarantee increased performance right away. At GlobalSat, we are proud to be one of the first to distribute this fantastic technology and have had amazing results with the batteries in every application. We are discharging them at a higher rate for longer and charging them at a higher rate much faster. Better with heat & vibration + 3 year warranty (T’s & C’s apply), 99% recyclable, safe and high performing, Lead Crystal Batteries are amazing value for mone and are available in 12V, 8V, 6V and 2V configurations. GlobalSat is an eco-conscious company that promotes sustainable products – when it comes to batteries, unlike Lithium, Lead Crystal is the sustainable choice now and for the future!


Lead Crystal Batteries

Lead Crystal® batteries are designed for harsh environments. Working in temperatures above +65°C and down to -40゚C.  They can be discharged down to 0 volts and recovered daily without loss of capacity while retaining the ability to recharge twice as fast as traditional Lead Acid variants. At -40゚C the LC battery can provide up to 50% of the original rated capacity and at +40゚C will achieve seven years service life.

99% Recyclable/Greener/Safer
Easy Transport – no special conditions
Faster Recharging – up to twice as fast as Lead Acid
Greater Cyclic Life – 6000 cycles to 20%, over 1600 to 80% DOD
Reduced Maintenance
High and Low Operating Temperatures: -40゚C to +65゚C
Long Battery Life – up to 18 years float service life
Form, Fit, Function replacement for VRLA, AGM & GEL battery range



Lead Crystal® batteries can be used in any application where Lead Acid-AGM & GEL batteries are used today.
Primarily, this means almost all battery applications found in Defence, Telecoms, Automotive, Industrial, Marine and renewable energy, health care, manufacturing, transportation and electric motion (wheelchairs, golf carts & trolleys.Also from high cycling applications to long duration high power discharges and engine starting to running the essential services on board your own personal cruiser boat
Robust, resilient, high performing. Lead Crystal® batteries can be discharged deeper, cycled more often (also in extreme temperatures) and have a longer service life. They recover to full rated capacity over and over again.

Product Information

12V 70Ah
C10 = 70Ah
C20 = 78Ah
22.5 kg / 49.60 lbsL259xW169xH210mm$407.00
12V 90Ah
C10 = 90Ah
C20 = 100AH
28 kg / 61.72 lbsL306xW174xH240mm$501.00
12V 90Ah
C10 = 90Ah
C20 = 100Ah
34.5 kg / 76.05 lbsL390xW108xH286mm$588.00
12V 100Ah
C10 = 100Ah
C20 = 110Ah
31.5 kg / 69.44 lbsL330xW172xH220mm$558.00
12V 100Ah
C10 = 100Ah
C20 = 108Ah
34.5 kg / 76.05 lbsL560xW125xH228mm$589.00
12V 120Ah
C10 = 120Ah
C20 = 132Ah
36.5 kg / 80.46 lbsL408xW172xH234mm$668.00
12V 150Ah
C10 = 150Ah
C20 = 162Ah
45 kg / 99.20 lbsL486xW170x241mm$835.00
12V 155Ah
C10 = 155Ah
C20 = 170Ah
45 kg / 99.20 lbsL559xW125xH283mm$1011.00
12V 170Ah
C10 = 170Ah
C20 = 190Ah
50 kg / 110.23 lbsL546xW125xH320mm$952.00
12V 180Ah
C10 = 180Ah
C20 = 190Ah
60 kg / 132.27 lbsL522xW240xH224mm$1007.00
12V 170Ah
C10 = 180Ah
C20 = 190Ah
51 kg / 112.33 lbsL546xW125xH320mm$1007.00
12V 200Ah
C10 = 200Ah
C20 = 220Ah
64 kg / 141.09 lbsL522xW240xH223mm$1116.00