Going into a place with no mobile coverage, well we have the solution for you.


GlobalSat provides short or long term satellite phone rentals. We provide a comprehensive range of satellite phone products and services both in Australia and Globally. Our extensive pool of satellite phone products can be hired for as little as one week to as much as a year or even longer – our rental rates start at $85 per week. For more than 18 years GlobalSat phone hire service has been actively hiring a wide range of satellite phones and services across many industries here in Australia and overseas. Be it a major project, a trip to the outback, we are with you.

GlobalSat has a long standing relationship with Inmarsat, Iridium and Optus, meaning that our customers have access to a full range of satellite phone products and services that include Hand Held, WiFi Hotspots, Personal Satellite Tracking devices, BGAN, IsatHub and VSAT equipment.

GlobalSat Phone Hire Service supports the following industries;

Special Events, Recreational, School Outings, Maritime, Government agencies, Aviation, Emergency Services, Mining, Exploration and NGO organisations around the world.

In the ever changing world of satellite technology, these devices are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and GlobalSat is using this technology to the benefit our customers with the unique ability to track some of these devices. For very little extra cost this feature can be added to your rental pack so that if you do have an emergency, you can trigger an SOS alert which will then be broadcast to your family and friends by email, SMS or a voice call as well as showing your exact position on a real-time map. Daily Check In/Ok reports can also be managed via the GlobalSat Tracking portal.

What a great way to share your adventure with family and friends, they can monitor your daily progress via our secure online Tracking Portal and even send you messages along the way.

Advantages when renting a satellite phone.

  • Save on capital outlay
  • No ongoing monthly access fees
  • No minimum airtime commitments
  • Free SMS messages to the sat phone
  • Seasonal users

Want peace of mind? Rent a satellite phone  from GlobalSat we are with you all the way – you are never alone.

Our office is situated 1 hour from the Brisbane International and Domestic Airport and 10 minutes from the Amberley Air-Force Base.

We also offer a variety of ‘Adventure’ rental kits that can include additional batteries, Solar Charges etc.

If you have a special event then please reach out to us for assistance.

Rent a sim card – no contract,

Iridium 9575

Satellite Phone Rental - Iridium 9575
This is a great rental phone as you are able to track your trip. This phone has an emergency SOS button and has truly Global Coverage

Please contact us for more information


Satellite Phone Rental - Iridium GO!

Rent the new Iridium GO! and connect your iPhone, iPad or Android device to make satellite phone calls, send and receive email and SMS.

Please contact us for more information.


Satellite Phone Rental - iSavi IsatHub
Imagine that world, where you use your phone or tablet seamlessly to talk, text, access the
Internet and your apps, independently of cellular and fixed networks.

Please contact us for more information.

Iridium 9505A

Satellite Phone Rental - Iridium 9505A
This phone is great for those who adventure into mountainous and rugged terrain areas.

Please contact us for more information.

iSatphone 2

Satellite Phone Rental - iSatPhone 2
Inmarsat’s new-generation handheld satellite phone will keep you connected in the most extreme and remote locations.

Please contact us for more information.