Considering a lithium battery system? With well over a decade of experience in deep cycle battery systems and technology, we believe the shift to lithium is a futureproof investment. LiFePO4’s incredible charge performance and power delivery will change the way you use your DC power system. The ability to run large capacity fridge/freezers, DC ovens, high wattage inverters, coffee machines and induction cooktops hassle free is all a reality with lithium. Not only will you have endless power, the space and weight saving benefits are unmatched at ¼ of the weight of lead acid and half the size. Industry leading Bluetooth connectivity allows you to monitor your battery via the smartphone app providing full visibility of your battery’s health and performance. Topped with an incredibly high cycle life and their safe and stable Lithium Iron Phosphate design there’s no doubt in our mind that it’s the only choice for those who are serious about off-grid power. Lets face it, life is better with Lithium!


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If you’re still not convinced and would like to learn more about Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, check out our blog post “4 Reasons to go LiFePO4” which clears up the unknowns and provides some food for thought to assist with future decision making.

Here at GlobalSat, we’ve developed a standing reputation for bespoke battery system installations and work with industry leading brands to provide a full suite of quality lithium battery products & accessories. Servicing our local Ipswich region, including Brisbane and surrounds, our team can provide system design including wiring diagrams, individual parts & accessories, complete DIY kits, professional installation and technical support.

Enerdrive are our number one choice for end to end lithium battery solutions. Whilst we supply and fit all leading brands of LiFePO4 batteries and charging systems, Enerdrive products offer superior value for money and fantastic, country wide support. GlobalSat has been working with Enerdrive since 2014 and have seen the business and it’s products go from strength to strength. Enerdrive stand behind their products and offer amazing service. Our company values go hand in hand and together, we can provide you with quality products and real value. 

We offer the full Enerdrive range, including all lithium battery kits and bundles at competitive prices.

Our West Ipswich workshop facility is around the corner from Bunnings Warehouse and is geared up to cater for all types of battery and communications installations. We specialise in lithium battery systems, Cel-Fi mobile phone boosters, UHF radios and satellite phones.

Contact Leeroy, our workshop manager for professional advice on lithium batteries & remote communications:

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Enerdrive 200Ah Lithium Battery System in Norweld Canopy

Enerdrive 200Ah Lithium Battery System in Norweld Canopy

Enerdrive 200Ah B-TEC LiFePO4 Lithium Battery in Norweld Canopy

Enerdrive 200Ah B-TEC LiFePO4 Lithium Battery in Norweld Canopy

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