Option #3: Iridium 9575 Extreme Kit

ideal for commercial & MARINE applications

In Touch and On Track from one EXTREME to another…

Our Iridium 9575 Extreme Hire Kit ticks all the boxes for any commercial application with powerful features that make this device much more than just a handheld satphone. This all-in-one safety & communications device has been well proven in the field and has become our leading choice for remote field staff, project teams, lone workers or solo adventurers.

Our Extreme hire kit is robust and reliable with features that include extended battery life, dust and waterproof,  integrated SOS Button and GPS & location services. The Extreme’s performance is enhanced substantially when paired with our advance cloud-based Tracking & Telematics Portal which supports the following features:

  • Assign devices to one or more groups and monitor the activity of multiple devices at the same time on the same map
  • SOS Duress generates a visual popup on the portal with a loud emergency siren & sends Email, and/or SMS to a group of nominated contacts (unlimited)
  • Check IN/OK  generates a visual popup on the portal & sends Email, and/or SMS to a group of nominated contacts (unlimited)
  • Dynamic “Geofencing” to enable administrators to set user boundaries (any shape or line – user-defined.
  • Display the history of any device or group of devices
  • Inbound and outbound text messaging
  • Push canned messages to the handset
  • Message history
  • Send email messages from the handset to an email recipient and to forward reply messages back to the handset
  • Push an emergency call recipient
  • Remote ping – request device location
  • Set GPS reporting frequency over the air, directly from the portal dashboard.
  • Request remote diagnostics such as battery status over the air

As with all of our kits, if you’re wanting 100% security in all situations, especially high-level life or death emergencies, we highly recommend adding a PLB (Personal Location Beacon – Option #6) to the kit as it provides the best opportunity to reach search and rescue services quickly, providing your exact location whilst triggering the rescue. A PLB also provides crucial satellite network redundancy if Iridium coverage is low at the time of duress.

Per Day Pricing ScalePrice
4-7 Days$21.00
8-22 Days$17.50
23-35 Days$15.50
36-90 Days$13.50
91+ Days$11.00
Long Term HirePOA


  • Minimun hire period / charge = 4 Days
  • 10 digit mobile number on all Satphones
  • No additonal cost for SIM card (active SIM included in kit)
  • Airtime usage is the only additional cost
  • Free incoming calls
  • $2.80 per minute for outbound phone calls
  • $1.25 per outbound text message
  • $10 local shipping | $25 country wide (express service)
  • Prices include GST & are subject to change without notice

All Extreme Hire Kits include the following

  • Active Iridium SIM card – all satphones are ready to use out of the box
  • 10-digit mobile number
  • Free incoming calls (charged at standard mobile rates to the caller)
  • USB Charge Cable
  • 240V AC USB Adapter
  • 12V DC (Ciga) USB Adapter
  • Iridium Charge Adapter
  • User Instructions
  • Kit Contents List 
  • Supplied in a Pelican protective case

The following accessories are also available

  • Spare battery   (good addition for long hiking trips, etc where charging is not available)
  • External Antenna   (recommended when using the satphone in a vehicle, boat or indoors)
  • Portable Power Bank (provides 2 full charges)
  • Vehicle Cradle   (w/RAM windscreen mount – holds the phone securely when traveling)
  • Drive Dock Extreme with Privacy Handset

Iridium 9575 Extreme Hire Kit Specs

Case Dimensions:L240 x W200 x H115 mm
Kit Weight:1.25kg
Phone Dimensions:L140 x W60 x H27 mm
Phone Weight266 g
Talk time: 4 hours (approx)
Standby time:30 hours (approx)

Airtime Charges

Voice Calls:$2.80 per minute (billed in 60-second increments)
Text Messages:$1.25 per text (160 characters)