Internet, Anywhere.

Greater connectivity to improve the way we work in the hardest to reach places.

As daily tasks become more reliant on digital IP based technologies, internet connectivity is vital. In the modern workplace, satellite internet can expand capabilities in remote areas and keep your teams safe and working efficiently without limitations. 

Our SATweb portable satellite internet solutions are available for hire or purchase and use military grade, field proven hardware combined with world’s largest and most stable satellite network, Inmarsat, allowing us to offer unmatched reliability and performance for stationary applications. With the geostationary satellite positioned above Papua New Guinea, SATweb devices perform exceptionally well in the Australian region, especially in the central to northern parts of the country.

Being a true satellite internet solution with a data rate of up to 464kbps (average 350kbps) and optimised for use with smart devices, SATweb allows users to operate their phones, tablets or computers when connected to the long range WiFi. Voice calls, text messages, image sharing and video calls can be made using apps such as WhatsApp which means there’s no unique satellite phone number to call, only simple one-to-one or group communication that we’re all familiar with. SATweb will also work with other communication apps such as Teams, Zoom & Skype however we find that WhatsApp or Teams work best as they consume the least amount of data. Other apps such as email, are accessed normally, browsing or cloud server access is ideally done via Opera web browser which is optimised for low data usage with ad blocking software as standard and any downloads are carried out selectively in order to save data. We work very closely with our customers to provide training and advice on managing data to ensure they maximise their data allowance and to be sure that all users understand the importance of low data usage.

Using a SATweb terminal on your remote work site can improve operational communications drastically when compared to a standard handheld satphone for the following reasons:

  • 100% portable, secure and stable internet connection allowing WhatsApp communication (voice, text, images sharing & video), email access, form uploads, weather, etc.
  • Maintains the use of existing smartphones, tablets or computers (smartphones & tablets preferred for low data usage).
  • Long range WiFi (+/- 100 meters) allows the project manager/site foreman to move around site & still have connectivity.
  • Seamless communication between team members, contractors etc. anywhere via WhatsApp
  • Geostationary constellations provide a high level of uptime which in turn means extremely stable and clear voice calls via WhatsApp.
  • Call & text cost = data costs as WhatsApp, etc. are VoIP services (there are no per minute or per text costs unless you are using the dedicated voice channel to dial a landline such as 000 – more on this below)
  • Ability to hold Teams meetings, etc.
  • Smartphone control app for SATweb terminal to start and stop data sessions, check data usage, etc.
  • Internal battery providing around 3.5 hours transmission time, AC & DC charging ability (generally plugged into power is being used all day).

SATweb requires a data subscription of which there are several choices, details are as follows:

  • 1, 3 & 12 month subscriptions available
  • SATweb data allowance is small when compared to standard internet services however for portable satellite internet services, the data allowance, cost and speed is standard for this service.
  • All plans are pro-rata and have to run a full term – As an example,  connecting a 1 month plan in the middle of the month would incur additional costs = 1 x ½ month + 1 full month is the minimum cost.
  • Low data usage is key and if the user instructions are followed, data can be managed well.

Depending on your requirements and location, GlobalSat also offers high-speed satellite Internet terminals for hire. Our high speed Satellite Internet Hire Kits are available as a basic kit in a protective case that requires 240V power input and is flight ready. We also have all-in-one kits that have their own internal lithium battery, designed for 3-5 hours of operation before needing to be plugged into 240V power.

If you’re looking for a portable satellite internet solution, please call our office for the right advice from one of our experienced team members.