Icom's IC-SAT100 & IC-SAT100M Delivering
One-to-Many Voice with Location & SOS

Empowering Crisis Management & Field Service Teams with Combined PTT Technology.

It couldn’t be much easier than communicating through push-to-talk. By simply pressing the button you send a voice message immediately over the air to a selected group. 

Iridium Satellite PTT systems offer all the advantages of the digital era to create a powerful ecosystem for one-to-many voice communication with limitless coverage via their Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation to ensure teams have optimum coverage no matter where they are with no land-based infrastructure required.

Imagine keeping your entire mobile workforce connected with a single push of a button with the ability to enhance productivity, collaboration and safety.

GlobalSat Push-to-Talk communications technology offers a number of key benefits. Here is a list of a few:

Instant Communication

Satellite push-to-talk technology enables teams to communicate instantly, across devices, no matter their location with ZERO reliance on ground infrastructure. Say goodbye to dropped calls, and dead zones with the power of instant, one-to-many PTT communications.

Ease of Use

PTT is easy to use, no matter the device of choice. A simple push-to-talk switch or button is used to switch users from voice mode to transmit mode. Just like the name, users simply need to push the button, and start talking, it’s that easy.

Rapidly Deployable

Setting up a satellite push-to-talk network can be done extremely quickly as there is zero reliance on ground infrastructure and devices are 100% independent. System configuration is carried out over the air and is fully customizable via the Iridium PTT Web Portal.

When considering PTT devices, we highly recommend the Icom satellite PTT product suite which operates on the Iridium network and comprises the IC-SAT100 handheld and the IC-SAT100M mobile/fixed site unit. The build quality and performance of Icom products is second to none and the IC-SAT100 range is true military grade hardware designed for harsh environments with the following features:

  • Real time, low-latency voice communication via Iridium satellites
  • Wide area, global coverage
  • 3 month or 12 month airtime subscriptions available with unlimited talk time 
  • Extended battery life (7 hrs talk time, 14.5 hrs standby time)
  • Built in emergency key (transmits your ID and location over the air on the priority channel to all users)
  • IP67, MIL-810G water shock & dust proof
  • AquaQuake function disperses water from the speaker if submersed.
  • Over-the-air configuration via Iridium PTT Portal
  • GSAT in-vehicle & portable kits available (Docking cradle, high gain external antenna, Pelican case)
  • Several external antenna options
  • Full integration with Icom’s VE-PG4 RoIP Gateway which seamlessly interconnects all Icom LMR radios, LTE radios, IP communication terminals, IP phone systems & external devices.

There are several Talk Group sizes available with Iridium PTT and costs are dependent on the volume of units within the talk group. Every 5 x PTT unit gets you a free talk group. Some points to note in relation to PTT talk groups are:

  • 4 or less PTT units    =  additional monthly cost per talk group 
  • 5 or more PTT units = 1 x free talk group (free talk groups in lots of 5 units SMALL or MEDIUM only) 
  • 10 PTT units = 2 x free talk group and so on  (S or M only)
  • SMALL talk group = 100,000 km squared coverage area
  • MEDIUM talk group = 300,000 km squared coverage area
  • LARGE talk group = 750,000 km squared coverage area
  • X-LARGE talk group = 1,500,000 km squared coverage area
  • JUMBO talk group = 2,250,000 km squared coverage area
GlobalSat is leading the introduction of Icom’s satellite PTT solution into the Australian market with many satisfied customers using this solution in isolated areas to keep their teams connected and projects on track. 

Not only do we cater for all your Iridium PTT airtime needs, we stock the IC-SAT100 handheld and IC-SAT100M fixed/mobile units and carry a range of accessories such as in-vehicle cradles, external antenna systems, chest harnesses and more.