Option #6: PLB (Personal Locator Beacon)

A PLB Provides Redundancy & A life Line When it Matters Most!

A dedicated search and rescue duress device for personal safety in situations of grave and imminent danger.

Whilst we do everything in our power to set you up for success in all situations when a satphone is needed, we must understand the nature of satellite communications and the fact that there is always the potential for lower signal performance, for example in poor weather conditions or due to obstruction to the sky in thick tree cover. Most importantly, recognizing that it just may be the time and place, when and where an emergency event occurs, that satellite signal is low, limiting the performance of satellite phone and tracking devices for a small amount of time.

Although these situations can be viewed as extremely rare cases, considering redundancy is the only way we can cover all bases to ensure the best chance of survival in situations of grave and imminent danger.

A Personal Location Beacon (PLB) is a true lifeline when it matters most and can serve as a very cost effective last resort in high-level situations. Activated with a single button push, the PLB transmits your position and unique ID via radio signal to the globally recognized and government funded, dedicated search and rescue satellite network, Cospas Sarsat. The Duress signal is also picked up by commercial aircraft and quickly routed to the Rescue Coordination Center (RCC) in Canberra.

When a PLB is activated

  • The Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC)  in Canberra receives the signal and location.
  • The RCC notifies the relevant State Rescue Coordination Centre.
  • An emergency services response will be initiated.
  • The registered owner and emergency contacts recorded for the device will be contacted to confirm that the activation is genuine and to obtain further detail

Some of the great features we love of our chosen PLB, the rescueME PLB1 are:

  • Redundancy if Iridium signal is low in the event of a high level, life threatening emergency.
  • Highly effective; a response by emergency services is almost certain.
  • Will operate in all locations, except very deep gorges, less affected by obstructions such as heavy tree foliage.
  • Simple operation with minimal instruction needed – very important in high panic situations 
  • Ultra lightweight and compact (the smallest PLB in the world, 30% smaller)
  • 3 methods of communication when deployed
    • 406MHz frequency via satellite to emergency services
    • 121.5MHz homing beacon frequency to aid response unit to find final location
    • High intensity (1 candela) strobe light
  • Waterproof to 15m
  • 66 channel GPS for fast and accurate positioning
  • Easily deployed antenna
  • Dedicated search and rescue, government funded, life saving service.
Per Day Pricing ScalePrice
4-7 Days$7.00
8-22 Days$6.00
23-35 Days$5.00
36-90 Days$4.00
91+ Days$3.00
Long Term HirePOA


  • Minimun hire period / charge = 4 Days
  • Prices include GST & are subject to change without notice

All PLB Hire Kits include the following

  • Basic User Instructions
  • Instructional Video
  • Kit Contents List 
  • Supplied as a stand-alone device or as part of a satphone kit

The following accessories are also available

  • Buoyancy pouch (for use in marine applications) 
  • Portable Power Bank (provides power to charge other devices – satphone, smartphone, etc.)
  • Vehicle Cradle (w/RAM windscreen mount – holds the phone securely when traveling)

Ocean Signal PLB1 Hire Kit Specs

PLB Dimensions:L75 x W51 x D32.5 mm
PLB Weight:116g
Operation Time>24 Hours
Waterproof15m depth