4G vs 5G Coverage & Why Cel-Fi GO is Essential for Connectivity in Australia


In this technology driven, ever changing world, the role of connectivity is reshaping every aspect of our lives. Think about it… we are now connected to everyone and everything! The digital era is well in action with smartphones, tablets and wearable devices providing instant access to information, entertainment, social media, email, banking and just about everything else our fast paced society demands. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the future with billions of physical devices connected to the internet, collecting and sharing data. Smart-home devices, connected cars, security cameras, they’re all a form of digital intelligence now prevalent in our lives. Reality is, we all rely on connectivity… Access to the internet has become the foundation of our connected world and our digital consumption is heavily reliant on our mobile or cellular network.

In an age where high speed internet access should be readily available, sadly in Australia we’re well behind the eightball. Both our home internet services and mobile data networks are seen as less than average in comparison to other parts of the world. Our embassingingly old copper phone network and the troublesome, over capitalised NBN means we’re counting on our mobile data services for fast, reliable access. Whilst the mobile data option is often better, black spots plague our rural and metro areas with some people who live just outside of the Brisbane CBD, getting no coverage in their homes at all!

The government is working on strategies to improve coverage but the sad reality is that mobile network coverage is not seen as an essential service here in Australia. Our huge land mass also brings geographical challenges by default meaning our mobile phone networks will be troublesome for many years to come. It’s taken years for the 4G network to spread across the country and there are still plenty of rural areas relying only on 3G, particularly for voice calls and text. With 3G set to be shut down in 2024 and despite the introduction of 5G, the 4G network will continue to expand and we’re confident things will improve for many.

The rollout of the 5G network will bring significant improvement to data speeds and bandwidth creating less reliance on wired infrastructure and revolutionising high tech devices but will it improve mobile coverage for us in Australia? It’s our belief that we can expect a similar pattern to 4G in the rollout of 5G in that cities will be the first to benefit. 5G operates on a much higher frequency which is great for super fast data and high bandwidth. It uses shorter wavelengths making it very accurate and directional meaning smaller antennas and high precision, very different to 4G towers which shoots the signal in all directions. The downside, is that the high frequencies don’t travel far and will only work with clear line of sight being easily absorbed by other objects, even humidity and rain…. To overcome these challenges, the network will be made up of a large number of strategically placed antennas.

For these reasons, we feel that 5G will not bring any improvement to existing mobile network coverage in Australia for a significant amount of time. 4G coverage may improve in some areas however it will be by the luck of the draw, leaving many in the same position they are right now.

Overcoming these challenges can be simple with Cel-Fi and we’ve been amazed with the success. It’s rare that a product can be so diverse in application and powerful in performance – honestly, it’s changing lives and industry around the country and whilst we believe the government should be actively assisting, the solution has been left in the hands of private enterprise and we are proud to offer expert advice and legal, quality mobile signal boosting products.

The Cel-Fi is made by US company Nextivity and it’s a smart signal repeater system that acts as a booster collecting a very weak 3G or 4G cellular signal via an external antenna. The weak signal collected by the antenna is then amplified to provide up to 100dB of signal gain. The boosted signal is then radiated out to any cellular enabled device within range. From smartphones to wireless cellular broadband modems, Cel-Fi handles multiple 3G or 4G devices, all of which grab the boosted signal automatically! There’s no pairing required, no ongoing fees, and no licencing, Cel-Fi is 100% legal and ACMA approved.

Whether you’re looking for improved connectivity in your home, office, shed or vehicle we have a Cel-Fi solution that can be tailored to your needs. Not only will the device improve voice quality but increase data speed and bandwidth. Many of our customers who live or work just outside of coverage areas have gone from having patchy, unreliable 3G/4G signal to now having full 4G coverage and +50Mbps speed – an amazing result.

It’s important to note that the Cel-Fi device is dependent on receiving some form of 3G/4G signal from the external antenna. This means that if there is no signal in the area, for example in the middle of the desert, the device simply won’t work.

Because the inbound signal is so important to the performance of the Cel-F it’s all about the antenna! We only offer quality and proven, high gain antenna systems for fixed site and mobile applications. Omni-directional antennas radiate and receive energy equally in all horizontal areas, making them great for all round coverage in a vehicle application for example. A directional antenna will focus or draw energy in a particular direction making them more powerful and suited to fixed site applications only. The right directional antenna, paired with a Cel-Fi signal repeater can bring incredible results for property owners experiencing less than average mobile signal performance.

If you’re looking to improve your mobile phone signal when travelling on the road, at your business premises, job site or around your home, the Cel-Fi smart repeater system can make a difference.

GlobalSat has a wealth of knowledge and experience with Cel-Fi working with many residents, businesses and government departments around the Ipswich region. We also offer professional onsite testing and fixed site installation. Our workshop facility in West Ipswich offers fitting of Cel-Fi booster systems to your 4wd, truck or caravan. For those of you who want to do it yourself we can also provide complete D.I.Y kits which are extremely popular.

For more information and professional advice on Cel-Fi, call our team on (07) 3282 8504 or send us an enquiry HERE.

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